Monday, October 4, 2010

Old stuff, Creatures and Critters

Work from Leo Hobaica's Color and Design class. Funny enough, the Baba Yaga painting was stolen and then magically returned to me at the end of the year. I actually have no idea where the 5 foot painting of the snakes is.

Angela Lansbury and George Hearn as Mrs Lovett and Sweeney Todd.

Someday I will make this movie. Just you wait.

Done for Basic Perspective - Patience is a virtue.

I thought I would actually try updating my blog. This is a test-post. Some old things that I did during my first year. Not really a huge fan of it, but there you are.

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  1. Chris still has the monkeys/robots/space one on our desktop as the background. it remains saucyawesome. ;-;