Sunday, November 21, 2010


Did this a few days ago after Vincent, it's a speed painting much as he was. Drawing someone else's creation in a style uncommon to them or in a theme you feel fits them is a fun hobby and practice for me. I find it to be a fun practice and something that can both have a lot of thought and done just to relax and have fun. Also, as a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series, I thought while working on stressful work (film, comic, etc.) I should do some speed paintings. Perhaps I'll do zidane next? the characters from the 9th game are severely underrated.

unless anyone has a request for who to draw, I tend to stick with my favorites of the games and don't really go outside of them.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Death Penalty

I've been a fan of the Final Fantasy series almost as long as I've been alive (raised by Nintendo, that would be me). So out of nowhere while working on my comic, this just happened. It's like I blinked and I had a painting in front of me. At any rate, speed painting of Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7 (My favorite character from the entirety of the series right after Vivi)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Harvest Noon

for layout class. Unfortunately I ended up missing the day this was due when I woke up with a migraine. argh, dan, i'm sorry! i'll bring it in next class. My favorite season is fall, my favorite holiday is Halloween... but I love Fall in general. Please don't ever take the beautiful palette of this season for granted. I love drawing Maddy, I'm actually excited to animate her.